Power washing lockwood marina

Boat Power Washing

Our team at Lockwood Marine specialize in boat maintenance services such as boat pressure washing, boat lifting, towing and allowing our customers to make the most of their leisure time on the water. We understand that your boat is your pride and joy so we take the utmost care when providing our services.

Ensuring your boat is pressure washed has many benefits including enhancing boat performance, and protection from the elements whilst seeing a big visual improvement.

By choosing our pressure washing service your boat will be protected from excessive buildup of algae, grime, scum, hull blisters and residue that can affect the performance of your boat, including how fast it travels and the effectiveness of the sails.

Benefits of Pressure Washing your Boat

  • Visually Appealing – As a pressure washer cleans all the dirt in its path, your boat will look shiny and new at the end of its treatment.
  • Keeps Your Boat Working Smoothly – With no hurdles of algae or hull blisters your boat will be flying through the water with ease. Pressure washing helps maintain your boat’s exceptional performance.
  • Gets rid of Algae, Grime, Hull Blisters and Stains – Unless you use our winter haul out and storage services your boat will be sitting in water for long periods of time. This will eventually create a build-up of algae, grime and staining onto the bottom of your boat.
  • Cost-effective – Regular maintenance of your boat will save you money in the long run. If you let your boat deteriorate without properly cleaning the outside then the algae, hull blisters and scum will ultimately kill your boat’s engine.
  • Improved fuel economy – The performance of your boat will be noticeably better, you will reach your destination faster and more smoothly, which will save you on petrol costs.
  • Saves Time – Cleaning your boat yourself can be a major time investment. Many boat owners purely focus on the benefits and ignore properly taking care of their boats as it is time-consuming and requiring a lot of effort. By using our services you won’t lose any of your personal leisure time!