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Boat Painting in CT and RI

While a boat repels water very well, water can still take it’s toll on a boats structure especially the bottom of the boat. Once water has worked its way through the fiberglass or paint, it can start rotting wood, weakening the structure, as well as many other things that can compromise the integrity and safety of the boats structure. So what can be done in order to protect your boat from this type of damage? The answer is through the bottom painting services that we offer at Lockwood Marinas.

What does our bottom painting services consist of? Basically, our experienced technicians will paint the bottom of your boat with specialized paint that can give your boat the protection that it needs from potentially harmful damage. We use only the newest of the new materials that are proven to offer protection. This means that we offer brand name products as well as excellent workmanship to give your boat the protection it needs while also making it look stylish and new.

At Lockwood Marinas, no bottom paint job is too large or too small for us to handle. We have the facilities, the technicians on hand, and the experience to be able to handle any type of bottom painting job that comes our way. This means that you can get your boat bottom painted and back in the water within a timely manner, something that the competition just can’t do. Since we strive for honesty, we are dedicated in providing accurate estimates and quotes so that you can know exactly what to expect financially in order to have this type of service performed. Not only do we strive for honesty, but we strive for complete customer satisfaction as well. This means that we are here to answer all of your questions regarding our bottom painting services so that you can feel comfortable with the process and what it is intended to do for your boat.

As you can see, nobody can match the experience and the comprehensive services that we offer at Lockwood Marinas. So if you want your boat to be as protected as possible so that it will last a long time, come on in or call us today regarding our bottom painting services. We promise to give you the best services as competitive prices so that you can keep your boat in optimal working condition.

Power washing, bottom painting and detailing are additional services offered at anyone of our locations. Visit our marina services page for more information.